General Questions

1Do you offer a free trial?
We provide a fully functional demo site if you want to try things out. Please use “OrderSense®” as user name and “demonstration” as password.
2I am already using online ordering portals (hungry house, just eat etc.) why i need my own website and online ordering?
Online buying behavior is changing & customers are buying more online. Having your own online shop at this stage is highly recommended to avoid future huge costs.
3I do not have internet or computer on my restaurant/takeaway?
You don’t need to have internet or a computer on your shop, you don’t even need to be familiar with online stuff, all you need is sign up and start getting your own online shop managed by OrderSense®.
4I have chain of restaurants/takeaways do you offer bulk discount?
Yes, we can provide bulk discounts for accounts with 10 or more restaurants. Contact us for more information.
5I already have my restaurant/takeaway website.!
No Problem! we can integrate the our system with your existing website or if you want a new website. we would design a new branded site for you with no extra cost.
6Do you have a demo system?
Yes – Please Click Live Demo to access our live ordering demo shop.

General Questions

1Why OrderSense?
Your Restaurant’s own online ordering system Pride yourself with having your restaurant’s/takeaway’s personalized online ordering system. Say “no” to online food ordering portals and save £££s
2Wireless order notification system for seamless order delivery.
Our GPRS supported order notification terminals monitored by our support staff ensure, your orders are notified with in one minute.
3Full fledged Online Marketing support
Creative Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing support to provide your business with latest advertising tools.
4Complete support system
Don’t worry! we have team to look after your online orders. Our order notification is 100% even when there are technical faults.
5Why sell your products in someone Else’s shelf?
Yes, why not to build your own online brand and have another arm of your business which would go stronger with passage of time to capitalize on online market growth.
6Turn your Expense in to “Investment”
Turn that expense (high percentage paid to online ordering portals) in to an investment by getting your own online ordering system
7Pricing that suits you
Weather you are a single outlet or have a chain of restaurants/takeaways, we have devised a pricing model which suits you.
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