How your Takeaway/Restaurant APPS & Website would benefit your Business Boost Efficiency

  • Decrease the amount of time your staff spends taking orders
  • Eliminate order errors — your customer controls the process

Increase Your Sales

  • Provide customers easy access to your menus and specials
  • "Intelligently" up-sell high-margin impulse items based on what the customer’s ordered before
  • Decrease the amount of time it takes for customers to place orders
  • Allow customers to duplicate a previous order with one click
  • Allow customers to plan ahead by placing orders for future dates

Increase Customer Loyalty

  • Use our loyalty program to reward consistent customers and motivate customers
  • Give the customer a consistently positive experience
  • Use the customer database to send targeted e-mails

Extend Your Brand & Increase Store Level Marketing.

  • We’ll customize the look and features of your website to mesh seamlessly with your brand World Class Support.
  • Experienced, 24/7/365, world-class support team on-staff to walk you through any issues
  • E-mail and phone support available